Cape Town Museums

Relive and experience a little bit of South Africa's past at Robben Island, where our much loved ex president, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for nearly 20 years. Or take a visit the castle of good hope, A building that had been originally built under Jan van Riebeck between 1666 and 1679 as a postal fortress is steeped in history. Cape Town has a diverse history influenced by the San, Khoi and Bantu speaking tribes who inhabited the Cape 350 years ago, and then later being colonized by the Dutch and the English, as a strategic tactic when at war with France. western cape highlight

Castle Of Good Hope

Experience a rich blend of history, traditional food, wine, military ceremonies and craftsmanship at the oldest building in South Africa.

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Iziko Museums of Cape Town

Iziko Museums of Cape Town are African museums of excellence that empower and inspire all people to celebrate and respect our diverse heritage.

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Robben Island Museum

For nearly 400 years, Robben Island, 12 kilometres from Cape Town, was a place of banishment, exile, isolation and imprisonment. It was here that rulers sent those they regarded as political troublemakers, social outcasts and the unwanted of society.

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